Arthroplasty is a type of joint surgery. The goal of arthroplasty is to restore the function of your joint. Joint replacements involve removing a damaged joint and replacing it with prosthetic parts. You might have a total joint replacement, where a surgeon replaces the entire joint. A total joint replacement is also called a total joint arthroplasty. Or, you might have a partial joint replacement, where a surgeon removes and replaces only the damaged portion.

The most common joint replacements are hip replacements and knee replacements. We can use two different approaches for hip replacements:

•Anterior hip replacements, where the surgeon operates through the front of the hip
•Posterior hip replacements, where the surgeon operates through the back of the hip

You might be a good candidate for arthroplasty if you have chronic (prolonged) joint pain. Causes of this joint pain can include:
•Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis (joint inflammation)
•Bursitis (inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs, bursae, which cushion the joint)
•Cartilage loss, often from aging or wear and tear
•Injuries that involve bone or soft tissue damage
•Tendonitis (inflammation of tissue connecting bone to muscle)

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