Dr. Aditya Duggal

Dr. Aditya Duggal

Dr. Aditya Duggal is a person where you get answers to all of your neurology related problems as like headache, migraine, stroke , paralysis, seizures, numbness of limbs , back pain, neck pain, arms and leg pain, facial deviation, tremor, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, dementia difficulty in walking.

Dr. Aditya Duggal is MBBS & MD General medicine from GMC & Rajindra hospital Patiala. He is DM Neurology from Dr. SNMC Jodhpur. He also has experience as a Senior Resident in Department of Neurology from VMMC and Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi. He can administer botox injection in various neurological disorder like blepharospasm, hemi facial spasm, chronic migraine. Aas Medicare will surely help you to get rid of all aspects of neurology related problems in best possible way.

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